Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A to Z Challenge: Dedication

Picture by Iker Ender

I found that the moment I decided going after my dreams, I got this intense desire to be there. To be done. To be living the life I want. To be successful at it.

But that's not how it is. Taking full charge of your life and living your dreams is a journey. One that will go on forever. And not only that, it's damnably hard.

Makes sense. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.

Still, there's nothing more joy inspiring than knowing that you're actively working towards something you've dreamed of your whole life.

Be warned, though, it takes more than passion and love to stick out the challenge (although the two of them make it easier).

It takes dedication.

Yesterday I mentioned how my first step on my journey to my dreams was battled all the way. I also mentioned that there are people vested in making sure you give up.

I call them dream-eaters. They take many shapes and sizes, and can come at you from everywhere. But the sad thing is, they usually come in the form of people you'd expect support from. Family. Friends. Colleagues.  Basically anyone who know you very well and should know what your heart is beating for.

Of course, there are people we only talked to for five minutes as well, but they're easy to dismiss.

Family... not so much.

The worst is that most of them think they're destroying our dreams out of love. Have you ever heard: "I'm only saying this to protect you." or "You know, that is nearly an impossible place to get into. Maybe you should try something similar, but different." or "You know... one day, real life will catch up and you'll find yourself making the same decision I did."

If you take a close look at those statements, you'll pick up something that seriously makes it easier to keep going without them. (Because yes... until your efforts starts bearing fruits, you will need to.)

Nothing they're saying reflects on your abilities or talents. Those words are self-justification. They're thinking about what they would have liked to have done and reminding themselves of why they didn't.

It has nothing to do with you. Listen closely, though, because a lot of them will actually have some good bits of advice that you can use on your journey. Just don't let their words stop you.

There might be a point where you want to stop. But let it be on YOUR terms. Not theirs.

Have you ever had a big dream, only to be disheartened when a loved one shot it down? Have you been a dream-eater recently without realizing it?


welcome to my world of poetry said...

Keeping the dream alive is a must.

A wonderful D post and found it most enjoyable to read.


Pa Ul said...

cool, we need this in order to succeed :)
do check out my D at GAC a-z

Geoff Maritz said...

Hello Misha.
Your observations are absolutely on the nail. No one who has done great things was a defeatist nor mediocre. You've already demonstrated your dissatisfaction with mediocrity and your ability to pursue your own personal desires.
Yes, my friends have defeated me with their words, not my family, but those I turned to for advice. Now I must live with the guilt of not having done that which I should of. Do your own thing, no one else has to cope with the consequences, only you.
Bless you Misha, may the Lord always have the loudest voice in your life, he will always be right there beside you, no matter what you are up to.
A very good post, Geoff.

S. L. Hennessy said...

Dedication is NOT easy. It takes such hard work. And I think everyone has had that moment when someone they love made them think they might not be able to do it. It's rough.
Great post and happy A-Z blogging.

Tracy said...

YES, but because of the kind of person I am I don't tell anyone what I'm doing until it happens! that protects me...I did have a dream of publishing a book and now it is a reality so I know the true value of going after your dreams...
great D word and post!

Mike said...

Well said Misha. Yes, I have let others interfere with my progress toward good goals, and yes the blame is mine to carry. I like your admonition to listen closely to the naysayers, for the good bits of advice I might glean.

M Pax said...

How nice to see your pretty, smiling face again :)

Determination ... hell yes. We need to eat that all day long. Do not listen to dream eaters. I hope I've never been one. Vile creatures. We need a spell or something to ward them away.

What is Cedar Valley Sustainable Farm? said...

With dedication, we can/will change the world.

Keep it up.


Cathy Olliffe-Webster said...

This is brilliant Misha. Very, very wise words. I am surrounded by dream-eaters but, unfortunately, I am sometimes the hungriest of them all.

Misha Gericke said...

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :-)

Misha Gericke said...

Definitely. Without it, we're doomed to fail.

Misha Gericke said...

Thanks so much for this lovely comment, Geoff.

I agree with you that doing my own thing is better, but only if it's God's thing as well. :-D

Misha Gericke said...

Yeah dedication can take a lot of strength and determination, but it's vital to our success.

Misha Gericke said...

Hahaha sometimes that is the best way to go. On the other hand most of us crave support at some point in the journey.

Misha Gericke said...

Yeah... when we let ourselves be convinced by others to give up, we can't blame them. Only ourselves for listening.

Misha Gericke said...

Hahahahaha yeah. Or least one that makes them go mute when they want to be all negative. :-D

Misha Gericke said...

Yes definitely. One dream at a time. :-)

Misha Gericke said...

It's wonderful that you're willing to admit the fact to yourself. Most dream-eaters won't,

But now it begs the question: what will you do about it?