Thursday, April 26, 2012

A to Z Challenge: Work

Most of us find ourselves doing work that's not really all that in line with what we want, with what we dream for ourselves. 
It can be a source of huge frustration.

Especially when it feels as if we're locked in, for example by responsibilities to those we love. 

I felt that way about my university course, and to a large extent I still feel that way. But I realize that I can't shirk my responsibilities to chase after dreams, no matter how important they are. 

So that means that I have to do both. And that I sacrifice other things, like watching t.v. in order to make more time for things that mean a lot to me. 

Of course, I am foreseeing a crunch-time on the horizon when my work and dream-work have to coincide, but until then, I'm investing time in both, trusting that my dedication will pay off. 

Are you also frustrated because what you're doing isn't helping you to your dream? Or are you lucky enough to be passionate about what you do? 


Mike Keyton said...

I am unlucky enough to be easily distracted...except when I'm not. But yes, you're right. Time is too precious to waste

FeFiFo said...

TV is a huge useless time suck. You do need to take a break once and awhile, however, it should not be habit forming. Nice to find you on A-Z! :)