Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A to Z Challenge: Pressure

Because there are people's expectations of you and there are your own expectations. And the two of them don't match up. This creates conflict, whether it's internal or external.

And with that, comes pressure.

Because at least temporarily, it makes sense to do both things at the same time. After all, your dream won't feed you while you're still striving for it. So yes. You will be doing a day-job while going after your dreams.

It's just not easy. Because at least for me, I spend at least half the time doing my day-job wishing it's something else. Why? Because as much as I sugar coat it and as much as I see the bright-side, it's still the one sort of job I hoped to avoid for the rest of my life. Still, it's not bad, as far as office jobs go. It's just not my dream.


And honestly, I don't mind it. Except when it takes up more time than I spent doing something dream-involved. That's when I get antsy. Because doing something towards achieving my dreams adds meaning to my life. If I miss a day, it's annoying. Miss three, and I'm ready to explode.

So if you're feeling pressure, discontent and just all around annoyance, you might want to check in your life to see when was the last time you did something meaningful to your life. Remedying that does wonders.

What do you do when the pressures of every day life gets to you?


welcome to my world of poetry said...

I try to put things into perspective, think of people worse of than me and count my blessings.

Great P Post.

Michelle Pickett said...

Great post. Pressure is something we all deal with on one level or another. I think dealing with it comes down to balance. Life is all about balance - find what fits you and you find what will sustain you until you can fulfill your dreams and quit that day job...but even then there'll still be pressure.


Mike Keyton said...

I remember I have little to complain about. Simples