Tuesday, October 7, 2014

On trolls

It's been a long time since I last shared a though-provoking video on this blog, but when I saw this tonight, I knew I had to share.

Especially since trolls seem to be so prevalent these days...

Friday, September 19, 2014

An Update and Shoes

Wow. I can't believe two months have passed since last posting. I definitely didn't think it'd be so long before returning to this blog.

Still, some pretty huge things have happened in my life, which has mostly been taking up my time. But before I get to that, I want to thank everyone who shared about my prayer request.

Right now, there's not really news on that front. We're now sitting tight and waiting until April 2015, during which parliament will decide whether or not they're going to pass the law granting 50% ownership to people who haven't paid for it.

So please, do continue praying for this, for the farm, for my family... Please don't stop praying.

Now, on to the good news:

About two weeks after my previous post, my mom/business partner signed the sole distribution for these shoes and others like them:

Since then, we've been on a roller coaster ride like none other because it seems like every second lady who sees the pictures wants to buy a pair. Or five.

This is amazing, of course. A complete blessing that fell out of the sky when I had started to think that all hope was lost. I thank God for this, because I truly don't think things would have gone this well without His help.

Without a doubt, this is a gift straight from His hands. It came completely unexpectedly, without us even really looking at shoes before the day my mom paid attention to them.

So yeah, if you think hope is lost, just keep praying. I'm pretty sure God has a solution around the corner just when you think there's nowhere left to go.

How are you doing? Anything you need prayers for?

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Prayer Request

Hi all.

Yeah... I'm just not going to rewrite what I've written for my other blog. So if you could please click over, I'd be most thankful.


Friday, June 27, 2014

How I'm Doing on My 2014 Goals

Hey all! So sorry for my absence. I've been having a rough couple of weeks. I don't really want to go into things too much because complaining really sucks. But let's just say that life is putting me through the wringer and it's making it really hard to concentrate on finding things to blog about.

That said, today is the last Friday before the end of June, so I thought I'd do a post on how I've been doing on my goals lately. The colored sentences are my comments.


Read 75 books.
Behind on this, mainly because of the bad start I had to the year. 

Read more William Shakespeare, Jane Austen, and other classics.
Will get to this as soon as I've finished Les Miserables. I'm three quarters of the way through, but it's taking long because I'm reading bit by bit. 


Research relevant time periods and facts for various works in progress.
Haven't started on any works needing research. And once again, for everything I say that's behind, it's because of the first four months not being productive. 



The Countess
Haven't started. 
The Wedding
Haven't started.
Haven't started.
War of Six Crowns 4
Postponed until completion of Wo6C3 rewrite.
Optional: One other on my to-do list
Working on a non-fiction book about writing just to give me something to work on if the fiction doesn't feel like coming out.


Rough Draft.
Opsies and Lysties
Rough Draft
Rough Draft
Rough Draft.
Optional: One other on my To-Do List.
This will probably be one of the three books listed in Edits because I still need to rewrite them all. 


Eden’s Son
Postponed due to rough draft not being suitable for rewrites. 
Rewrite not started.
Rewrite not started.


Will be self publishing all of my books for the foreseeable future, but will update on each book's status: 

War of Six Crowns 3
Book being drafted again due to not being suitable for editing.
Birds vs Bastards
In process of being prepped for publishing before the end of the year. 
Any two of the “Edits” projects.


War of Six Crowns: The Heir’s Choice
Being prepped for publishing in October.


Make a point of visiting every follower and commenter on both main blogs.
Working on this, but probably will put this on the back burner.
Weekly posts on my War of Six Crowns Blog.
Not yet, since life in general is keeping me from regularly posting on any of my blogs.


Weigh 65kg by end March.
Maintain weight for the rest of the year.
Obsolete, since my new diet means I can't really pick up weight for as long as I stay on it.
Do yoga.
Do more exercise in general.
Trying to walk more and play tennis, although the rainy winter here puts a damper on those plans.
Eat healthily. I.E. The minimum refined carbs.
This I am doing. Since I'm eating NO refined carbs.
Do other arts. E.G. Paint. Needlepointing.
Doing needlepointing and crocheting at the moment. Want to paint, but the light's bad this time of the year.
Get involved with people with similar interests to me.
Got involved with a group in my church, so at least we have our faith in common. 
Get back to singing regularly.
Nope. And this is probably the one frustrating me the most. 

So yeah... Even optimistically, I'm not ever going to catch up on most of these things. And I'm not going to push myself to. But what I will do is check up on myself at the end of the year to see exactly how far I managed to get with everything. 

How are your goals going?

Monday, June 16, 2014

So what exactly am I eating?

I received a comment on Friday from someone else who's on a low carb diet and although the overall news was good, I realized that people have this misconception about what a Paleo Diet (at least the way I'm eating it) consists of. 

Most people seem to think the secret is in the protein. Well... Actually... not so much. The real secret is in the fat. 

This isn't a high protein, low carb diet. It's a high fat, low carb, moderate protein diet. So no, I'm not glutting myself on protein. The portions I'm eating are pretty much the same as before. In fact, it's not recommended that I should eat more protein than I ate before. On the contrary, I'm starting to eat less. (But I'll get to that.) 

Instead, I'm increasing my intake of natural fats such as cream, butter (not a good idea for the lactose intolerant), olive oil, some nut oils, palm oils etc. while cutting out vegetable fats and oils like margarine, sunflower oil etc. 

At the same time, I'm cutting out refined carbs and even whole grains and starches such as corn, wheat (ALL forms), potatoes etc. However, I'm still getting carbs in through vegetables and fruit. Just not in the huge amounts people assumed to be healthy, but isn't. 

Does this mean I'm now stuffing my face with fats, putting undue pressure on my heart? 

No. You see... you can't eat too much fat. I mean the moment you do, you start feeling nauseous. But you probably won't want to, since fat is in fact what satiates you when you eat. So when you eat healthy fats (and yes, I'm aware that a lot of people are screaming I'm not. But I am.), your body can actually be relied on to tell you exactly when you're no longer hungry. 

And that's why I'm eating less. 

Ever notice how that never quite seems to happen with bread? Yes people, before I cut out carbs, bread, not sweets, was my enemy. Because I was eating way too much of it, and didn't even know. 

Usually when I mention that I cut refined carbs out, people usually act like I've gone insane. Like I've finally lost my senses in my quest for a healthy weight. Like.... mine is a sacrifice no one should make. 

Thing is... I'm not suffering. I'm not hungry. I no longer have cravings gnawing at me as I go about my day. My energy no longer fluctuates. And yes, I'm losing weight. 

I'd love to be able to update you on how much, but I actually forgot to weigh myself this morning. Yep. Forgot. See when I started with this grim determination to cut carbs and lose weight, I thought I needed to keep track of my weight every single day or else my cravings would take control and I'd start picking up again. 

But no. I have no cravings. Sure, sometimes I feel like something sweet, but nothing that hot chocolate (sugar free) or warm milk with vanilla, stevia and butter (aka food of the gods) can't counter. 

Still, some of you will want a number: so I'll just say that on Monday last week, I'd lost about 30 pounds. That's in a bit more than a month. And the best thing is that I probably won't pick it up, because I won't stop eating the way I am. 

I've finally found a way of eating that's sustainable and healthy. And more than that, I'm going in for week seven and I feel amazing. 

Anyone else try cutting carbs? How's it going?