Friday, July 17, 2015

Hi everyone!

I only realized now that I haven't been posting here lately. Sorry about that. I'm just not in a good headspace for writing posts about my life right now.

Particularly, because my life is currently dominated by the day job (which I don't really write about) and my two books' release date (which I'm writing about A LOT for my blog tour.)

So, I'm thinking I'll be very quiet until the tour's over. I'd love to see you there, though! To find out where I am, on any given day, please click here.

Have a great weekend!

And I'll see you soon.


Thursday, July 9, 2015

My Progress for Quarter 2

Hi everyone! I'm a bit late this time around, but I've been doing a lot of grafting to get through all the work needed to publish two books at the same time. But this is how I did. The comments in blue are from Quarter 1. Quarter 2's comments are in blue italics.


I want to finish as many of the following as possible:

(For simplicity’s sake, I’m going to list my projects by the Acronyms I use for them, since that’s what I use on my year planners as well. Also, I haven’t gotten around to revealing some titles yet, and now seems like the wrong time.)


Currently busy with final proofreading and copy-edits. 
Final submissions made. I'm waiting for proof copies so that I can OK the paperbacks.

Currently busy with final proofreading and copy-edits.

Currently busy with penultimate round of copy-edits.
I'll be getting into prepping for publishing in this quarter. I just need to recover from the first two a bit.

Rewrite complete. Awaiting revisions.
I've gone through the book and there's not all that much to revise, so I'll be getting in some critiques soon. I might even do it in July/August.

My Untethered Realms Anthology Short Story.
In for edits.
Feed-back is in. I need to submit for proof-reads at the end of July.

Publishing Edits (possibly for publishing in 2015):

Rewrite Prepped. Had to draft the whole thing again, which is why it's a bit behind. 
I've managed a chapter.

Rough draft in progress. 
Haven't touched this since May. I've literally put everything except my two books for publishing aside.

Revisions and Rough Edits

Rewrite in progress. This is a bit ahead of schedule. 
Now solidly behind schedule.

Still awaiting rewrite. 
And still waiting.


Postponed drafting this until next year, because editing Wo6C1 and 2 kept necessitating me re-drafting Wo6C3, which wasted time. 
No change.

Awaiting rewrite.
No change.

Rough draft complete, but I'm not happy with it, so I'm putting some thought into my concept and plot before drafting it again. 
I'll be doing this concept work this quarter, hopefully.

Awaiting rewrite.
No change.

Rough Drafts (The ones I do by hand):






Haven't started with any of these yet. 
Still haven't started.


I want to read 75 books next year.
18 so far. 
26 so far. I'm way behind because I didn't have time to read much in these past three months.

The minimum amounts of which must consist of:

5 books or plays in a language other than English.
1 so far.
2 so far.

5 plays by Shakespeare
1 so far.
Still only one.

5 classics other than Shakespeare, of which one must be Chaucer.
2 so far. Neither Chaucer. 
Still only 2.

5 non-fiction titles.
4 so far.
Still 4, with the fifth in progress.

5 books by some of my blogging friends.
None yet. Siiiiigh. 
Busy with my seventh.

Social Media:

I seriously need to sort out my Social Media stuff. I haven’t been near active enough last year. What this entails, though, is something I still need to wrap my head around.

Mostly, I'm working on getting back to blogging regularly, visiting blogs and getting out and about on Wattpad. Taking little steps that add up to some sort of whole. 

I've fallen off the wagon a bit the last two weeks while I finalized my publishing submissions, but otherwise, I think I've been doing quite well. Especially on Wattpad, where my main "books" have been ranking on or off for some months.


Help my family build our own house. (Yep, brick by brick.)
This is side-lined for now, since we actually found another house to live in. 
No longer relevant. Long, sordid story.

Sort out some sort of business that I can do on my own terms. (SO over trusting people to help me when they only help themselves at my cost.)
Working on this. Time will tell what pans out, though. 
I'm in fact now working on two businesses, both of which seem to be doing well, although it's hard to be 100% sure when they're so young.

Seriously. I need to get back to singing.
Nothing on this front yet. Life's still a bit rough. 
Still nothing. I'm hoping to still get to this as my life continues to settle back down.

Also, I really really want to paint this year. Other than the above-mentioned house’s walls.
Haven't started one yet, but am busy with some other crafty stuff. 
Nothing new to report here.

Then, I want to continue with my more healthy diet, since it makes me feel good and gives me a lot more energy. (Useful when I’ll be lugging lots of bricks around.)
Yeah this is a bit harder than I thought. Still trying, though.
This I've done almost immediately after my last stock-taking post. 

Last of all, and probably most importantly, I need to get past all the stuff that’s happened this year, so that I can get through 2015 with as little contamination as possible.
Working on this, but it's also pretty dang difficult. 
I seem to be getting there, but sometimes, I get reminded of it, and then I have to chill out all over again.

Overall: I've been making some progress, especially with regards to publishing and my life. I think that especially my businesses are part of the reason why I'm a behind on my writing/editing goals, since my previously free time has largely gone into work. Which isn't a bad thing either. 

How are your goals coming along?

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A to Z of Lessons Learned in 2014: Solidarity

Just a quick recap for everyone who's new to this series: Because 2014 sucked as a year, I'm making it a mission to write about the A to Z of things I learned from the hard time. It's my way of finding something positive in a difficult time. 

When I picked out words to go with each letter, I knew that Solidarity had to be S. Because in the past eighteen months, I've learned just how blessed I am to have a family and friends who jump right in to fight the good fight with me. 

Times like these are when we see who's really with us, and I'm grateful to say that there were more of these angels in human form than my family and I had expected. Which isn't to say anything bad about the people in our lives. 

It's just that after the events in 2014, we've lost a lot of faith in people. And then there was 2015, with more people seemingly out to prove that humanity just sucks. 

And yet, our friends and family really stepped up even when we'd given up on hoping that anyone was on our side. These people proved to us that good is still out there. That we can't give up because they haven't given up on us. 

They also taught me how much I want to be this friend to other people. Who's there when those people need me most. 

So this is just a thank you. Even if they won't read this post. 

I've thanked them personally too, of course. But the funny thing is that most of them didn't even want to be thanked. 

They inspire me to be better. 

They inspire me to be there. 

Have you also seen solidarity at work in a hard time? Any people surprise you by coming through when you least expected it? 

Monday, June 22, 2015

Just a quick hello

Hi all! Sorry for being so absent lately (and specifically for not visiting any blogs.) Life's been a bit crazy lately. First, there's the fact that I have a month left to submit both my books' final versions for publishing. Then, there's the fact that I have to get the edits etc done while growing my new business. Which means I often have very little time left to do anything else.

I'm hoping to submit both books this weekend, which means I should hopefully be a bit better about blog visits and the like from next week.

In the interests of that, I've recently put out a call for questions for anyone wanting to ask. If you're curious about anything on this blog or about me (that's fit for public consumption), please click here and leave the question in the comments.

That's me for now. I should be back on Wednesday with my A to Z post.

How are you doing?