Monday, September 17, 2012

Siiiiiiigh. Do I live on Mars? (Ranty. Be warned.)

I was planning to think up and write something special today, but sadly that was ruined by my mood. Which in turn got ruined because the people supposed to clean my room just dump stuff where they want.

And today they wanted to dump my bags on my pallet. Full. Of. Oil. Paint.

No one else in my house seem to get my issue with this. But then, I don't really see any of their stuff threatened to be ruined.

I WARNED the people to be careful of the wet paint.

I packed certain things away under my bed for a reason: that it's the safest place for them to go. So why must those things be thrown onto a DESK where they don't belong?

And why is it so difficult to understand that there were colors on that pallet I might NEVER be able to match? Or that I might NEVER be able to clean my belongings if they're made out of cloth? It's not a small thing.

I don't actually own so much that I can just shrug and throw things away.


Why am I the only one who gets what's upsetting me?

Because they're paid to clean my room. Does that mean that I now have to tell them not to? Rearrange my life to either never paint over weekends because they clean on Mondays? Rearrange my life to severely restrict my time to clean the room THEY'RE paid to clean? Because when I say there's a wet canvas doesn't mean that the paint that didn't get onto the canvas is as well, in their minds?



And seriously now, I'm more upset with the reactions I'm getting. Because it's totally not worth paying attention to when it's just my stuff that got damaged. 

Not worth getting upset about?

Maybe I do live on Mars.


Cheyanne said...

*hugs* --that is absolutely worth getting upset about. I would be raising hell and demanding that my ruined stuff be replaced. Unless you have magical invisible paints.. I can't really see why ANYONE would put your stuff on them!

The good news is it's Monday.. so hopefully the rest of the week gets better. :)

Emily R. King said...

Oh! I would definitely be upset. Oil paint is damaging to your belongings. I'd be fuming, too. I hope you manage to save some of your things!

Emily R. King said...

I forgot to mention I'm a new follower!