Friday, September 9, 2011

Economics and life: A definite trade-off

Hello all! 

Funny how the smallest thing can derail the best laid plans. I was supposed to be finished studying today. Except I'm not. Because yesterday a headache forced me to stop early and because a quick check of the Rugby World Cup opening ceremony led to me sitting in front of the screen for three hours (and pitying the poor Tongans who had to face the All Blacks first thing). 

More hours slipped by with me running a few errands. 

And now its four in the afternoon and I haven't touched my work. 

BUT! I have managed to finish Part 9 of my book this morning. And I'm planning to do some book revisions now. (I have learned a hard lesson about me not revising at least five times a week.) So then I can use tomorrow morning to catch up. I'd love to say I'll spend Saturday afternoon on it, but it's my Gran's birthday, so I'm not even going to think about studying then. 

Some might say I could study this afternoon, but with economics, I rather study when I know I'll do it properly than cram in a few hours when I will in all likelihood have to do it again. I am not yet in the danger zone with my economics. 

Or at least I'm pretty sure I'm not. I have six sections left of fiscal, two more essay questions of monetary policy and possibly economic policy, although that's lowest priority, because I prefer to know 75% of the work as well as possible to 100% of it in patches. Learnt that the hard way as well. 

Hopefully this will be good enough, because I really don't want to have to do the rewrite. 

How are you doing? Facing any challenges? How are you dealing with them? 

P.S. I might be back on Sunday night(ish) to post about what I've found this past week during the Challenge...


Mike Keyton said...

Time management makes my head ache. Good luck.

anthony stemke said...

Economics is extremely useful as a form of employment for economists.
John Kenneth Galbraith

Steph Schmidt said...

Numbers are not always my friend. I use a calculator for simple stuff, I feel no shame in being accurate vs relying on my fuzzy ability of math off the top of my head.

You sound like you have a plan which is half the battle when it comes to studying!

Nas Dean said...

I can do numbers pretty fast without the use of a calculator. My challenge is now I keep forgetting simple stuff!

Joanne said...

Challenges? YES! too many to list, but as I rejoice that the week of trials are over ...a new week is waiting to greet me...
Blessings, Joanne