Friday, September 30, 2011


Phew. Had a marathon rehearsal today. Four straight hours.

Luckily my voice held up quite well.

And... I forgot my words.

So annoying, because the one song that I'd think I'd be able to remember is the one I'm forgetting. Now I have to find a way to remember the damned song because if I can't do it for an empty room, how on earth will I do it in a hall full of people?

*Takes a VERY deep breath* But, I will not panic. I know that I know the song. I'm just going to have to repeat the lyrics until they become second nature.

Just not right now.

My voice needs to recover.

What I'm trying to say, though: Tomorrow, at 8P.M. Johannesburg time, START PRAYING. ;-)

Please and thank you!

Anything you need me to pray for?


Dawn Kurtagich said...

Good luck!!! Where are you performing?

Mike Keyton said...

The best of luck, Misha. What's the concert?

Connie Keller said...

I'll be praying!

Victoria Dixon said...

I will pray for you! I've been there and done that! *___* Try to remember the meaning of the words if possible and interpret/act them for the audience. That always seemed to help me. I tended to forget the lyrics if I let myself space off. :D