Monday, July 11, 2011

Sometimes I wonder...

I sometimes wonder what it will be like to actually be doing what I dream of doing.

Can you imagine? Years and years of angst finally over, with me doing what I've always dreamed. Will it be everything I hoped it to be? Will it be better? 

I really hope so. 

After all, I already nearly destroyed myself when I went after other people's dreams for me. Now I'm doing things that will hopefully help to make my dreams come true. I pray every day that that will be enough. Still, if it isn't, I'll have to do more with God's, because I have dreams that have to come true. 

But sometimes, I get a bit jittery. 

What if I just miss it? Will I be stuck in limbo all my life? 

Or worse. What if, after everything I've done, I make it and... it's not what I really love. What if my focus is too narrow, and I missed something I really loved?

And then I snap out of it. Because I realize two things: 

1) No matter what, going after my dreams is a much better life than trying to build dreams on other people's expectations. 
2) I've been using the broad focus for years in an attempt to find what please others and me. I found plenty of stuff. But the only things I truly have a burning and constant passion for are the things that I'm focusing on now. All those other things served only to distract and hurt me. 

And knowing that, I find my doubts fade quickly. Because then I know that no matter what, my life is good and I'm once again living through that phase where everything is possible. 

Do you sometimes doubt? What do you do?  


Suze said...

Not every dream comes true. Which is what makes the precious few that do precious.

Take heart.

Claudia Moser said...

Just keep on wanting, you will get there! Keep the faith!

Patricia A. Timms said...

Sometimes the ability to start the journey, to work on the dream, is better than the end result. So you must try to realize you're living your dream and when you've achieved it you will have lived your dream.

Keep on keeping on.

Victoria Dixon said...

It really is about the journey, rather than the destination. That said, it sounds like you're enjoying the journey now and that's where I need to be! Good luck and HAVE FUN!!

anthony stemke said...

I think perseverance is important. I have doubts all the time. This is where family and friends come in handy. Remember6 what Churchill said in the darkest days: "Never give up..."

SunnyToast said...

Not every dream comes true but the important things is we should keep to faith with our dreams.

Do you sometimes doubt? What do you do? with question i really don't know if I doubt every single thing I do but all I know is that I do my best and just go whatever the result fail or success. one thing I take note is the lesson I learn from that journey:)

Arlee Bird said...

I was hearing the song "Que sera, sera" in my head as I was reading this. I think you are right. You may disappoint others who have dreams for you, but they'll get over it much more quickly than you will get over your own disappointment for not having pursued your own dreams. Go for it while you're young--you always have time to change your course if it's not working the way you hoped it would.

Tossing It Out

li said...

You're a step ahead of me right now - I can't say that I even HAVE a particular dream to follow. Right now I'm just washing about in the tides of life. I do know that sometimes it's just dogged perseverence that got me through a rough time - just absolutely refusing to give up.
Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day, always appreciated!