Friday, May 18, 2012


I've been feeling the burn of frustration recently, and to a great extent, I still do.

As I've mentioned before, taking charge of our lives often involves juggling our dreams with our present lives, because we can't always just give up what we are doing now just to chase after our futures.

No, that would be irresponsible and stupid.

I know that.

Yet, I am in this space where it feels as if every moment spent doing what I need to do is taking time away from doing what I want to do.

And.... I'm not wrong, but I guess that's part of me growing up. I can't just focus on my dreams 24/7. I need to concentrate on work too.

But it doesn't mean that I have to give up on what I want. It just means that I have to work harder and more efficiently to make sure that I do what I need to do to bring my dreams this much more closer to coming true.

It means that I cut out things that waste my time. This does not mean that I'm taking myself away from any and all fun activities. But, if it doesn't make me happy and give me a measure of fun, it's not worth my time.

So hours of channel hopping looking for something to watch: out. Going to the cinema: In. Dancing when it's frustrating me more than anything else: out. Guitar lessons and singing: In. Singing for the church choir: .... I'm still deciding on that one.

But right now, I'm pretty pleased, because I took charge of my life and am back to achieving things again.

So... are you frustrated with your life? Are there any changes that you can make to make it better?


Catherine Noble said...

I'm the same, Misha. I often despair that I have to go work in a dull office, when I yearn to spend my days writing. But I've also taken charge of my life and spend all my spare time on writing. The only way I can give it a fair chance is to persevere and work very, very hard. You know what they say: if it's easy, it's not worth doing.

Misha Gericke said...

Definitely. Because no matter how much we write it, we have a huge way left to go before we can write without working to survive. :-)

Melissa Sugar said...

I am extremely frustrated with life right now. I am going through a difficult time with someone who is seems to enjoy hurting others and as hard as I try to not let it bother me and just pray for her and forgive her, I cannot seem to get past the pain she has caused my family. This just might be why I am having such tough time taking charge of my life. I am in a writing rut and I am not making much progress on my fitness challenge or my organization challenge. I realize that I need to pull myself together and your blog just may be the perfect inspiration. Thank you.

Misha Gericke said...

That is a situation I don't envy you for. I can see how bitterness about pain that a woman caused you and your family can wrest control of your life from you.

I just pray you find those first steps to forgiving her, because until you can let go of your anger, it will stop you from the things that you love.