Monday, May 14, 2012

I don't feel like dancing

No, I don't mean that in a figurative sense. I just decided to stop taking ballroom recently.

I still love it and will probably get a craving to dance again soon. But at this stage I'm just a little frustrated with it.

If there's no one on my level to dance with, I can't really practice what I've learnt. And since I have to then effectively pay money to show other people how to dance, I don't see why that would be worthwhile.

Especially now when I have less time than ever to work on my manuscript.

It just didn't add up for me.

And while the decision made me sad, it just didn't feel the same depth of feeling as thinking about not going to singing class.

So... yeah... I'm now no longer dancing. At least not until I can find classed that can offer me what I need.

What's news at your end of the world?


Joanne said...

I think I would feel and do the same if I were in the same situation. Too bad there was no one to dance with on your level...I am guessing it is a great stress reliever and great exersise too! Hope you find a good class soon.
Blessings, Joanne

Henry Gay said...

You can still continue dancing while looking for a dance class. Practice those steps you’ve learned in the past and discover new steps. You can watch in YouTube the different dances that you want to learn. Nothing will ever stop you from learning how to dance as long as you have the heart for it.

>Henry Gay