Sunday, May 13, 2012


So as I mentioned a few Sunday's ago, I took part in a 21 day prayer challenge and it really did help me with my life, although probably not in the way that the guy on the DVD that my church is watching thought.


It also really got me thinking about prayer a lot. Which I guess is good, because there's a tiny gap between thinking about prayer and praying. For me at least, anyway.

See, most of the people in the church that I go to think about prayer differently to me, I think. And none of us are wrong.


It's just that their way of praying doesn't... really... uhm... work for me. Sorry, it's just that I don't really know how to put this in words.

The way I understand their prayer experience, they take a time, close their eyes and pray. According to a recipe. First, thank God. Then praise Him and His glory. Then ask Him for things we need. Then remember to ask in Jesus's name because we alone aren't deserving. Amen.

And like I said, there's nothing wrong with that sort of prayer. I also pray like that. There are times when prayers like the above are needed. Like I need to pray for an audience.

But the thing is... If I pray like that, I forget more than I remember. Have you ever tried to write up a prayer list for things and people to pray for? I have. And the list grows and grows and grows to a size that I can't handle.

That's not the real issue for me, though. My real issue is this: If that's the only way I pray, where am I giving God space to talk to me. That's not a conversation. It's a monologue. And to me, it's MUCH more important to hear what God wants to tell me than for me to tell Him things.

So yeah. When I'm not praying in public, I'm... pretty much praying all day. Even when there's a lull, I'm always aware of the fact that God might want to say something any moment now. And if something jumps out at me, I'll just... say it to God. Like: "Wow Father, you made a wonderful sunrise this morning." Or the like. And when I see something that needs a prayer, I take it to God. So yeah, when I say in comments that I'm praying for you, I in fact already sent up my first prayer. And I'll keep sending up prayers every time I think of you.

I guess some people might think that I'm way too informal in my relationship with God, but it works for me. When I'm not praying like that, I lose touch with Him, and that's something I never want.

So how do you think about prayer? Anything you want me to pray for you about?

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