Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Last Goal Check for 2013

Hey all! Happy New Year!

Today I'm checking how I did with my goals in 2013. My goals for 2014 are here.


Continue querying Doorways
Done. The first half of Doorways has been published. I'm in the process of editing the second half.

Finish the draft to Guardian


Don't Look Back

(Working Title) Otto

(Working Title) Guardian

Maybe finish the draft sequel to DoorwaysUnlocking


Just to read more. I'm going to go easy on myself and aim for 25 books for the whole year. Any genre or classification. Crits not included because I consistently fail to keep count of them. 
I read 50 books. 


Keep working on my voice. 
Didn't do this as much as I wanted to. 

Get back to guitar lessons. 

REALLY to take French and Italian, since it will be useful to my day job. 

Exercise regularly. This includes activities like gymming, fencing, dancing, yoga or any combination of such activities. 
Did reasonably well until November. 

Eat and cook healthier food. 

Make a point to meet more people with whom I have things in common. Sort of feeling tired of having my real life conversations ending in blank stares. 
Yeah... this didn't quite happen. Not for lack of trying, but it seems most people my age are only interested in watching t.v. I did make one new friend though. 

I also want to paint more. Maybe even finish an exhibition's worth of art?
Nope. But I do intend to start painting again first thing next year. 

So overall I didn't do too bad. How did you do?


Mike Keyton said...

Phew. Reading all that I need a stiff drink, Misha. In self defence I limit myself to one resolution. That way guarantees 100% success or 100% failure :)

Annalisa Crawford said...

You had a lot of goals, so it's no surprise that a few of them became more important to you than the others. Have a great 2014 :-)

Meradeth Houston said...

I'm impressed with what you did get done! That's amazing :) And I just have to add that the point about people only being interested in TV--holy moley is that the truth! I've definitely been frustrated by that. Anyhow, I hope 2014 is a great year for you!!

Andrew Leon said...

yeah, I've been meaning to do some painting for over two years, now, and I haven't even gotten a new area set up.
Meeting and making friends is hard. I really don't have any after 17 years in CA.