Monday, November 14, 2011

And... two more days in limbo

Yep, turns out I got myself up in a tizzy about nothing.

The results will only be out at the earliest Wednesday afternoon.

In the mean time, I'm pretty much stuck between not wanting to get my hopes up and thinking positive thoughts.

And of course, there are two more days to pray, because pass or fail, I know that God's will must come first.

What about you? Anything I can pray for?

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Geoff Maritz said...

Hi Misha, Don't stress, the exam is already completed and now the only thing for you to do is await the consequences. As you say, God's will be done, nothing more for you to stress about.
God bless you girl, I'll say a short prayer for you while I'm up here in Johannesburg, Geoff.