Friday, June 10, 2011

Life rushes by.

I've been thinking this week.

Time races by at a pace that sometimes threatens to leave me behind.

It goes so fast that it should take my every concentration on the present just to get through every moment without missing something.

Yet, I spend so much time rehashing things that should be left in the past.

Or worrying about things that will take care of themselves in the future.

Most of my concentration is taken up by thens instead of nows.

Between looking behind me and looking into the distance, I'm not really dealing with what's right in front of me. Which means that I will miss what's happening and have to rehash it again, missing the present.

It's a vicious circle.

I've broken it before. I'm going to break it again. Just need to replace the old habits with one where I can stop to enjoy fresh air. Or the beauty of the mountains around me. With a habit of stopping to realize how wonderful it is to be close to my family. And close to God.

Are you stuck in this circle too? Want to join me in breaking it? Give me a list of one to five recent things that you caught and appreciated immediately. Mine are:

1) Our family Labrador that said good morning.
2) Seeing the support that my other blog has been enjoying in the past two days.
3) Beetroot chutney.
4) Breaking through my internal struggle and actually walking up to someone and asking if I could pray for him.
5) That that person prayed for me too.


Claudia said...

Beetroot chutney? I would love the recipe!

My five item list:
1) Mommy smiling
2) Granny happy
3) Hubby around
4) Caressing our dog Naila
5) Being on holiday!

Enjoy the weekend!

Anonymous said...

Praying is so important. That's how I start out my day. Then I blog and drink lots of coffee.

Joyce Lansky said...

1. Looking forward to my daughter coming home tonight. She'd been studying abroad since January.
2. Adopting a new rescue dog
3. Spending time on my WIP
4. Enjoying vacation
5. Reading a great book

I've linked onto your other site several times because I've been trying to figure out why I've gotten 103 hits from your site this past week! I'm so confused by this. Did I register my site as a hop from yours? If so, I cant' find it. Happy to have the traffic, but I don't understand it.


Susan Kane said...

1. My husband ran out to get eggs and bread for me this a.m. before going to work.
2. Seeing the mist between the hills.
3. Having that first taste of coffee.
4. Hearing God in the silence of my head.
5. Reading the comics in the paper.
Good blog, Misha. Break through!

Duncan D. Horne said...

1. Read the Saturday morning newspaper
2. Have my parents visiting from England for 3 weeks
3. My wife and daughter waking up safely this morning
4. A good neighbour who gave us some charcoal for our bbq later this evening
5. people who visit and appreciate my blog!

Nice article today. It's always paramount to successfully balance our time between the past, present and future.

Duncan In Kuantan

Suze said...

Nice no. 5.

SunnyToast said...

I only have one routine every morning to pray and tell myself be on top this help me through the day:)

uhooi said...

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Misha said...

Claudia I'm looking for it too. I will let you know if I do find a recipe. :-)

Stephen that's a great order in which to do things.

I like your list of things, Joyce.

Thanks Susan! I'm glad you liked it.

You have a great list, Duncan. I agree with you. One can't truly be happy if that balance isn't there.

Thanks Suze!

Sunny that's a nice routine to have. I'm still looking for a time that works best for my prayer time. Too close to sleep or too soon after waking up just doesn't help. I'm hoping hit on the right time soon. :-)

Thanks Uhooi! I'll check out your blog too.