Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A to Z Challenge: Open Eyes

Open eyes are a skill every person who wants to take charge of his/her life needs to develop. We need to see what's around us in the present so that we can live in it. 

Beauty and opportunity abounds if we are open to it. Usually, opportunity takes work, but we need to spot one before going after it. 

And if we're blinded by whatever we're busy with at the moment or what we're planning to achieve later, that's going to be difficult. 

Also, we need to be mindful of people around us. Taking charge of your life will turn you into a dynamic person. And certain people will try to use you as a free ride of some sort. Although I'm all for helping people, there's also a point at which we need to say no. (But that's for tomorrow's post.)
Keep your mind open, though. Help where and when you can. But only when you know you can help. 

Mainly though, open eyes are tools to get you through life. You'll see who of your loved ones need you. Or what you need to go to get to the next phase in your life. They show us the lessons we need to learn from mistakes. They help us live consciously doing things for a reason. Things that add value to our lives. 

Without them, we'd be stuck wasting our time on the meaningless again. 



Please let me see what You want me to see. Help me to see the opportunities you send my way. Help me to see at least a little bit of Your plan so that I know where You want me to go next. 

I pray this in Jesus's name. 



Anonymous said...

Thanks. Just what I need this moment. I'm making a very tough decision and can't help wondering what plan God has in store for me. Hope it's for the best.

Rob-bear said...

Great post, Misha. I posted today about being open-minded, only you did a better job, I think.

Blessings and Bear hugs!
Bears Noting

Li said...

I like this. I find myself "blindly" following the same routines sometimes, living life on autopilot. This was a great reminder that I need to spend more time observing, thinking...and writing! :-)

J Keith said...

Great post. It just reminds me that although I tell myself I'm open minded, I realize sometimes when I read posts like this that I am not, not really. I get into routines and I neglect to see all that's happening around me

Maïa said...

Ah yes, mindfulness. I find it to be a key for happiness, since the only way to fully enjoy the good in one's life seems to be aware of it.
Though I think I'm rather good at noticing beauty, I'm not so sure if I always see opportunity as well... I like the fact that you put both together, and 'open eyes' is a very accurate description.