Wednesday, December 21, 2011

This post lacks substance, but at least I'm not vanishing for a day

Today I was going to do another serious-ish post, but I'm so tired I can barely think straight. All because I woke up at 4 am this morning to get some writing done.

I did get about three hours of writing in, and then spent the rest of the day either baking or cleaning. I didn't do these things alone, but the house is really dirty. So much so that I'm wondering why my mother even used to hire a maid, since she apparently had a royal time while not doing a tenth that she'd been paid for.

Well, no matter. As soon as we have the house firmly in hand, it won't be that difficult to keep it that way. But it's difficult when something new comes out of the woodwork every time we think the house is under control.


Still, I'm thinking that all this makes for some wonderful exercise, since we have a five bedroom house. :-)

Unfortunately, I can't really see much in the way of payoff, since we have a black Labrador that loves sowing chaos where once there was order.

What about you? Have any pets that throw your housekeeping into chaos the moment you turn your back?


Susan Kane said...

No pets, but I am so busy with quilting a special wall hanging for my daughter (after making 2 quilts for my gr.daughters). So I will close my eyes on the house cleaning until the sewing is done...Then we will think about it.

Labs are pretty efficient at chaos.
Merry Christmas!

Deniz Bevan said...

Three hours of writing followed by baking sounds lovely to me!!
And oh yes, our two cats are always sowing chaos (what a great turn of phrase!) :-)

Mike Keyton said...

Have any pets that throw your housekeeping into chaos the moment you turn your back?