Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I'm dancing again!

After almost a year of missing it, I took up Ballroom Dancing on impulse.

Now I remember why I love it so much. It's so much fun. I met great people and I get to do some exercise without it feeling as if I'm going to gym.

Monday's lesson was the Jive. Fun, lots of movement. My hips (yes, hips) were aching with the exercise. By the time the hour was done, I was getting a stitch. All of it without feeling as if I did exercise.

And I know from experience that there isn't a ballroom or latin dance that doesn't work in some way. I've found that most latins (Jive counts as one) are great for cardio. Ballrooms are great for core, because you have to control your body with every movement you make.

I'm thrilled that I'm dancing again. I really missed it last year. Still, now it doesn't look as if I'll get back to fencing because my schedule for evenings look like this: Monday: Dance, Tuesday: Choir, Thursday: Dance.

It's not just time, though, it's money. I'm paying for dance classes and solo classes on Tuesday afternoon. If I have to pay for another class, it will be to refine my acting. As much as I love fencing, I know that it might be a distraction more than anything else, so I'll have to see if I'll actually do it again. Luckily I enjoy ballroom as much, so it's good that I can exchange the two without feeling too much pain.

So I'm focusing on the dance for now and looking forward to doing the Tango on Thursday!

What about you? Have you tried any more hobbies recently? Or picked up old ones? How are you feeling because of it?


Amy said...

That's so amazing, good for you! I wish I had the courage to take up dancing. I'm far to self conscious for that. So I settle for having dance party with my toddler. Still good exercise though! ;)

Susan Kane said...

Good for you, indeed! Happy dancing!
No new hobbies lately. But, dancing is one I would love to try.

SunnyToast said...

dancing is sometimes more important than listening to the music:)

following you now...please follow me if you wish:)

Claudia Moser said...

We do have something in common :) we will start tango in the autumn also after 1 year pause :)

Laura Pauling said...

Have fun! What great exercise!

Misha said...

Hehe Amy I can imagine how that can burn energy. :-)

Go for it Susan. Life's to short thinking of things that you'd like to do.

Sunny, I'd put it on the same level of importance. Will follow back. ^_^

Nice, Claudia. I did the Tango last night. Was beautiful, but it's more difficult than it looks.

Thanks Laura!

Anonymous said...

Happy dancing Misha. Dancing can make us happy and I think that is cathartic sometimes. This is Munir over at Focus. Blogger is not let me comment as myself.