Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Welcome to my life.

Yes... Welcome to the insanity that is me. Recently, things have calmed down a little, but only because I focused on one aspect of my life. My writing. 

Well... Now I'm done with my rewrite and the rest of me is feeling a little neglected. So I decided to start this blog to remind me to pay attention. I've been wondering how I should approach this taking charge of my life, so I thought... why not recap my New Year's "resolutions" as posted on My First Book? 

Ah yes, I referred to my resolutions as guidelines. Good thing too. I HATE goals and resolutions. Anyway... Here they are:

I want to finish my first rewrite of Doorways by the end of April or the middle of May. 
Done. On 25 April.

I want to do this while working. 
I did that. 

I want to be back to fluency in French. 
Cough cough. Not yet. Really should start working on that. 

I want to revise and study Mandarin. 
Same here. Picking up French will be much easier. 

I want to speak Italian at at least a moderate level by next January. 
Probably should start this first, as I don't speak any Italian. At all. 

I want to have written at least half of Guardian by December, but this is of lower Priority, since...
Good goal, this. I just need to find the character again. And her voice. And her story. I haven't touched Guardian since January.

I want to start querying Doorways by next year. 
I'm planning to start edits in May, which might make writing Guardian a bit more difficult. 

I want to get back to stabbing people for fun. (For those of you that don't know. I'm not completely psycho. I fence.)
Really still want to do this. But this time slot was taken up by singing. Singing might become something serious, like... a ticket to the stage. 

I want to be back on my healthy lifestyle by the beginning of February. 
Failed miserably at this. Only getting to it now. 

I want to stay on that lifestyle indefinitely. Or at least until December. ;-P
Let's get to the lifestyle first. 

I want to finish my degree and get completely out of the previous phase of my life, since this year will pretty much be spent in limbo. 

I want to make a stronger commitment to God. 

I might or might not want to read the complete works of Shakespeare... 
I might want to start reading again. Period. 

I would really really like to have about 1000 followers by December. 
So far so good. I'm ahead of schedule. Perhaps I might even have 1500 by December. We'll see. :-)

So... that's me. Then... I'll post a bit more about recent developments tomorrow. 

What do you want to achieve by the end of the year?


Gregg said...

You sound very ambitious. I set goals for every year but not that many.

Right now, my number goal is to find a job.

Manzanita said...

WOW You are a lady with an agenda. And your interests are so wonderfully varied. From languages to fencing and writing and school and good health. My whole life is taken up with good health lately. Ha.
Best of luck with all your goals.

Leovi said...

Well at least you get some of your objectives, what is more important the you have raised. I am going to leaving every day. I'll settle for finishing the year in good health and not have to visit a psychiatrist ... JAJAJA. Greetings.

Misha said...

Hehehe, Gregg, perhaps I'm ambitious. Personally, I think I lack a certain sense of perspective. ;-) I'll pray that you get a good job!

Manzanita, I think that I have a lot of interests, but tend to get stuck focusing on one or two, which is why I started this blog. I want to remind myself to do the other stuff too.

Hahahaha Leovi, that's a great goal! Psychiatrists are expensive. ;-)