Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A to Z of Lessons Learned in 2014: Solidarity

Just a quick recap for everyone who's new to this series: Because 2014 sucked as a year, I'm making it a mission to write about the A to Z of things I learned from the hard time. It's my way of finding something positive in a difficult time. 

When I picked out words to go with each letter, I knew that Solidarity had to be S. Because in the past eighteen months, I've learned just how blessed I am to have a family and friends who jump right in to fight the good fight with me. 

Times like these are when we see who's really with us, and I'm grateful to say that there were more of these angels in human form than my family and I had expected. Which isn't to say anything bad about the people in our lives. 

It's just that after the events in 2014, we've lost a lot of faith in people. And then there was 2015, with more people seemingly out to prove that humanity just sucks. 

And yet, our friends and family really stepped up even when we'd given up on hoping that anyone was on our side. These people proved to us that good is still out there. That we can't give up because they haven't given up on us. 

They also taught me how much I want to be this friend to other people. Who's there when those people need me most. 

So this is just a thank you. Even if they won't read this post. 

I've thanked them personally too, of course. But the funny thing is that most of them didn't even want to be thanked. 

They inspire me to be better. 

They inspire me to be there. 

Have you also seen solidarity at work in a hard time? Any people surprise you by coming through when you least expected it? 


Carol Riggs said...

Solidarity--such a great word. Family and friends who are there when you need it are priceless! Especially when the world is a growingly colder and harsher place.

Mike Keyton said...

What has figured in my life most is Kindness. When I say my prayers for those who are dead, it is always the kindness I remember.

A Beer For The Shower said...

Great word, and something that's very valuable to both of us, especially as writers. Being each other's support system in itself is what often keeps us going.

Annalisa Crawford said...

Sometimes, when you're doing the right thing to help people, thanks really aren't necessary because you assume everyone would do the same thing. So I'm not surprised your friends were happy to help out. I hope the year is improving for you.

Misha Gericke said...

Carol that's true. The world would indeed be a very harsh place already if we didn't have friends.

Kindness does play a huge part in it, Mike.

Hi Beer Guys! Yeah solidarity is immensely important to writers. It's so lonely otherwise.

Thanks for the good wishes, Annalisa. The year is indeed looking up.