Thursday, April 16, 2015

A to Z Challenge: Learning

Sorry for falling behind again. Life got a bit hectic for me two days ago, so I haven't been able to write at all.

One of the big things I'm learning from 2014 and the subsequent fallout this year is... well, to learn from it.

Yeah, I know it sounds weird, but I can't really think of a better way to put it.

I mean, yes, I've always learned from my life. There are always mistakes made. Always things to learn.

Usually, though, it takes me a few months to gain the perspective needed for the process to happen automatically.

Waiting for the process to kick in didn't feel quite right this time, though. For one simple reason: I've spent a horrible year. I don't want to take months dwelling on it.

So this time I picked my theme so that I could purposefully look for those lessons and the positive aspects to what I've gone through. That way, I have to look at things from the right perspective.

Any you know what? It's really helping me. Writing about the things I've learned makes the things that have happened seem so much smaller in my mind. Yes, they're big. They had huge implications and ramifications in my life. But once the fallout is completely over (and I'm hoping that will be soon), the implications and ramifications that follow will be completely positive. And that positive effect on my life makes even the terrible year I've had worthwhile. It gives it meaning. A good meaning.That means I might one day look back on a year I would otherwise have written off, smiling.

Do you also sometimes push yourself to learn from your life? 


David P. King said...

I hope to learn throughout my life. It's the remembering those learned lessons is where it gets tricky. :)

Barbara In Caneyhead said...

I think times of upheaval and stress help me decide what things are actually important to me.
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with the A to Z Challenge

betty said...

I do think we all learn from our lives and experiences we have during it if we allow ourselves to learn. I often told the kids when they were younger and made a mistake to learn from it so they wouldn't repeat it; same thing can be applied to things we learn in life to apply what we've learned so we might not find ourselves in that position again.


Sandy said...

Learning is always a good idea. I'm still clueless what you went through, are getting through, but am glad you have such a good perspective on things.

Sandy at Bridge and Beyond

Shell Flower said...

Yep. I really try to look at my bad times as food for thought and improvement. It's a "next time" kind of perspective where you realize that you will do better next time, even if it's just in how you look at life. All we really can control in this life is our attitude, and that is what matters.

Anita Lim said...

Hi Misha,
You won in a giveaway on my blog :)

Sandy said...

I've popped back in multiple times since L, but thought I'd leave another comment this time. I always wonder/worry a bit when I don't see new posts. Presumably you've dropped out of the challenge, but more importantly...are you ok?

Sandy at Bridge and Beyond

Sandy said...

Glad to know you're ok.

Misha Gericke said...

Hahaha David, that's true.

Barbara, they help me prioritize too.

Preach it, Shell. ;-)

Thanks for letting me know, Anita!

Sandy, thanks so much for asking. I'm fine. Just had a bit of a tough time.