Friday, September 19, 2014

An Update and Shoes

Wow. I can't believe two months have passed since last posting. I definitely didn't think it'd be so long before returning to this blog.

Still, some pretty huge things have happened in my life, which has mostly been taking up my time. But before I get to that, I want to thank everyone who shared about my prayer request.

Right now, there's not really news on that front. We're now sitting tight and waiting until April 2015, during which parliament will decide whether or not they're going to pass the law granting 50% ownership to people who haven't paid for it.

So please, do continue praying for this, for the farm, for my family... Please don't stop praying.

Now, on to the good news:

About two weeks after my previous post, my mom/business partner signed the sole distribution for these shoes and others like them:

Since then, we've been on a roller coaster ride like none other because it seems like every second lady who sees the pictures wants to buy a pair. Or five.

This is amazing, of course. A complete blessing that fell out of the sky when I had started to think that all hope was lost. I thank God for this, because I truly don't think things would have gone this well without His help.

Without a doubt, this is a gift straight from His hands. It came completely unexpectedly, without us even really looking at shoes before the day my mom paid attention to them.

So yeah, if you think hope is lost, just keep praying. I'm pretty sure God has a solution around the corner just when you think there's nowhere left to go.

How are you doing? Anything you need prayers for?


Connie Keller said...

I'm so, so glad to hear how the shoe business is going! They are super cute.

Mike Keyton said...

Do you or are working towards an international outlet like Amazon or Alibaba - the Chinese outfit?

Annalisa Crawford said...

Those shoes are so cute! Best wishes for the new venture :-)

Murees Dupé said...

Those are some great looking shoes. I pray for our country (South Africa) everyday and pray that those in charge can make better decisions for all people in South Africa and that all the violence could stop. I really hope things work out great for you all round.

Lexa Cain said...

I clicked over to read the gov't/land dilemma and I'm horrified! That's disgusting. It's like Cuba or Zimbabwe nationalizing land, property, and businesses belonging to people. This type of communism never works. Instead of helping the poor get more money, it just drags everyone down to their level. I don't pray, but I'm sending you all my good thoughts and wishing this terrible, shameful law doesn't get passed.

DMS said...

Wow! The shoes are so unique and fun- I can see why they are becoming a big hit. :) Wishing you the best of luck and may good things come your way.