Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Starting to Take Charge of Your Life: Part 2

On Monday, I decided to do a three part series about starting to take charge of your life. 

As I said before, one needs three things before taking charge of his/her life: Responsibility, questioning of the status quo and tenacity. 

Questioning the status quo 

When you become responsible for your own happiness and choices, the second factor of taking charge becomes a lot easier. 

The reason for this: if you see yourself (correctly) as your biggest obstacle to doing what you need to do to be happy, the things you’d been blaming before are no longer as insurmountable as you’d once pretended.

A status quo can basically be defined as your circumstances as they are right now. You have a choice about if you want to tolerate them, work around them, challenge them or change them. 

NOTHING is ever set in stone. 

Of course, there are times when you’ll encounter resistance. In fact, if you’ve never taken charge before, expect the greatest resistance from your loved ones. Especially if you never spoke to them about those great things you wanted to do your whole life.

People will think you’re nuts. People will think this is a phase. 

Depending on how big a change you’ll want to make, they’ll be terrified of it. Especially because they’ll still think that circumstances are insurmountable obstacles. They’ll be worried about you failing. And you could. 

By no means do I guarantee success. Life sometimes sucks, but I truly believe that people doing those things they always wanted to do are happier, even if they’re only working towards doing them. 

Personally, I’d rather spend my life trying to succeed at singing than succeed at almost anything else. 

Don’t you have something in your life like that? If you say no, you’re either trying to lie to yourself or you’ve hidden it far away in the back of your mind. 

Think about it until you find it. You will, in time. Once you do, go after it.

Things will be in your way, but you will find ways to change them. 

Remember: change can happen, but only if you want to make it happen. 

Is there something you always burned to do? Want to share? What obstacles are in the way? Is there a way you can get around, over or through them?


Annalisa Crawford said...

Change is where I both excel and fail. I have taken huge changes, but it's the smaller ones I fear... a bit odd, I know.

anthony stemke said...

You display great wisdom today. Yes it can be hard to accept change and all that, it is how one deals with it that counts.
Regarding signing, that is very important for communicating with the hearing impaired and ... ...oh wait, you said singing. I wonder if you practice a lot ("Do me fa me do" and "Sol do" etc) and sing to yourself in the car or at home. I love to sing but am not good, there are a few songs I sing well but mostly not. I didn't know you favoured singing over your manuscript.

Good luck all around. I'm really interested in hearing you sing. I'm good at "Roses are Blooming in Picadilly" but not much else.

Take care.

Peaches Ledwidge said...

I do agree that change can be terrifying but it is often necessary.