Friday, August 10, 2012

Flu blues

This flu is really getting me down. Because no longer am I missing out on only fun activities, but I had to withdraw from an important church meeting because it's happening at night and the temperature is dropping. 


And the worst is that I can't reach the Youth Pastor, so I texted him, but still, it feels really lame. Because I already said I could go before the weather changed. 

So now it looks as if I decided to flip everything off just to go do something else while a simple telephone conversation would reveal that I can barely speak. 

Yeah... not cool. Not having a voice also means that I have NO way of singing today. Which isn't remotely cool either.
Worst of all... I have nothing particularly good to say, except that maybe I can slip away early from work today and get some writing done. I really hope I can, because then I've at least managed to achieve something meaningful in my day...

What about you? What do you do to combat flu? 


Rebecca Enzor said...

Oh man, that sucks :( I'm sorry you're sick!

If you have a bathtub, my go-to flu killer is a bath with several drops of lavender oil, tea tree oil, and peppermint oil, along with a spoonful of honey and another of some carrier oil (I like jojoba, but olive oil works just as well). Add a dash of salt, and soak in that for about twenty minutes. Tea Tree especially is anti-viral, and the lavender and peppermint will help ease away the aches and pains. A nice bath right before bed and you should be feeling much better in the morning :)

Tanya Reimer said...

A radio announcer called me for an interview one day, and I was unable to talk. She said, "Two words for you, oregano oil." I had no idea what that was, but this chick had that silky rich radio voice I dream of having and I was all hoarsy, so... I tried it. Worked. Taste like crap but worked. I called her up to do the interview I was so happy!!! lol

Tara Tyler said...

rest and fluids and tylenol
so sorry you're down!
you'll be back living soon!

Sherry Ellis said...

Sorry to hear you're sick! I take Theraflu and stay in bed. (Chicken soup helps when you're able to keep food down.) Get well soon!

Jessica L. Foster said...

Being sick is no fun at all. I take vitamin c cough drops when I'm feeling under the weather (Bonus: to me that taste like citrus candy). Hope your feeling better soon.