Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Still not flu-free

Just when I think I've beaten the flu, it sucks me under again. Sigh.

But at least, because of the fact that I can't focus on anything else, I've finally gotten started with my oil painting. Didn't pick the easiest subject ever, so we'll have to see how it turns out.

In the mean time, I have two parts of Doorways waiting for me to edit as soon as I stop having this splitting head-ache.

But yeah... struggling to focus on anything at this stage, so I'm going to sign off now and hope I can post something worthwhile on Friday.

Remember that I'm always thinking of you! Please let me know if you need for me to pray for anything. I know I haven't asked in ages, and I feel pretty bad about it. X


Li said...

Rest and get well. The flu takes a lot out of you! Hopefully, it will prevent you from getting it again this winter. :-)

Connie Keller said...

I'll be praying you get better soon!!

Mike Keyton said...

It's when something like this knocks you for six that you realise pleasure is largely the absence of pain. Look forward to what we all too easily take for granted and get well soon

Jemi Fraser said...

HOpe you feel better soon!

anthony stemke said...

How amazing you are! Writer, singer, actress AND painter. And maybe more eh?
I pray for you on that depression thing, I beat it and you can too.
My spouse is writing YA WWll novel and has several chapters written. But now she wants to re-write it and use the first person tense. She thinks that it will be more appealing that way. I am not a big tv fan but there is a program I like because it has a lot of narrative. It is called "Burn Notice" on USA network. The narration by the main character is interesting to me.
If you like surfing you have two oceans nearby, how swell is that.
The prunes melt into the spicy sauce and the dish is quite lovely, I hope you would get to try it.
Take care of yourself and good luck with "Doorways".

Joanne said...

Sorry you are feeling sick. Get lots of rest. Hope you feel better soon!
Blessings, Joanne