Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Taking charge of my health

In the process of taking charge of my life, I decided to get more serious about my health again. Since dieting doesn't ever work for me in more than the absolute short term, I decided to go the other route. 

I joined the gym. When this blog goes live, I'll be busy pumping weights and getting fit. 

And boy do I need it. Since I stopped dancing, I never do anything that involves physical activity. So those pounds have been heaping on. And to be honest I'm tired of it. 

So yeah, I'm actually really excited to start. I've been threatening and threatening to join since January but just kept procrastinating. 

No more. 

I am so ready to be trim and fit. 

AND! Because I'm starting in the winter, I'll have a much more gorgeous body by the summer. 

But I also have other reasons to get fit. It's a great way to de-stress and since I'm still working to control it, exercise will be exactly what I need. 

I also will be going to Europe a lot from now on, so I'll need to have more stamina. 

Yeah... so I'll let you all know how it's going. 

Anyone else started to exercise recently? How's it going? 


Lynn Proctor said...

sorry to say i have not!

Mike Keyton said...

90 lengths a week in a pool does it for me. Other than that...scratching my head - well that uses up calories too.

Anonymous said...

nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

mare ball said...

I'm always trying to "re-start" taking charge of my health. I made some major changes in 2010 and lost 13 lbs. Felt great. About a year ago, the weight started slowly coming back. Now, I'm in a slump again. It's a lifelong battle for me!