Saturday, March 17, 2012

A new challenge

I've been having a bit of hectic time yesterday, with the business that I co-own taking off. As a result, I'll have to start pulling something resembling office hours, which is something I'm looking forward to. Still, getting used to the new way of things takes a while. I'm actually going to have to start scheduling things way ahead of time so that I can get everything done.

After all, I can't let my dreams settle by the side of the road just because. No... this is a new challenge, and I will succeed at it too. Because this business will one day be mine, so I have a bit of a vested interest.

My only (mild) concern is fitting in everything once my dreams start coming to fruition. But there will be a way. I know that God will provide it.


The Desert Rocks said...

Sounds like you have the right attitude. Good luck with your business!

Wendy Ewurum said...

All things work together for good. They already are. Nothing beats being an entrepreneur.

Leslie Rose said...

It's kooky sometimes trying to fit everything in. I'm trying to find a good framework that gives everything its moments.

Jason R. M. said...

Just take it all in as it comes. Plan for the future, but tackle it in the present - as you get to it, or it gets to you. The good news: you can only do things second by second, minute by minute, and hour by hour. What relief that we don't have to fit in everything all at once! Remain optimistic, you got a good attitude.

Glad to hear your dreams are taking course.

Good luck and best wishes!

Joanne said...

Yes, letting God lead the way is always the best! So happy to hread that things are taking off for you!

Blessings, Joanne

Old Kitty said...

Oh good luck with your new business!! I think if you can run a business and write novels and blog and be full of the joys of spring, you'll do just brilliantly! Yay! Take care

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

I think planning out a schedule is a wonderful idea. I jot down my plans for the day (m-f) and cross it off when I do it. I have a writing log book that I write what I completed each day. For me having that second log shows me what kind of progress I am making with my writing.

Best wishes!

The Red Angel said...

Maintaining a business isn't easy but I admire you for having the self-confidence and skill set to start one! I think planning and prioritizing ahead of time is the best way to get things done. Best of luck!

-Wendy Lu

The Red Angel Blog

Real Exams said...

It happened in routine business. Don't worry and keep working. Have a Great time!