Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A short update. I get to sing again!

Ooh! Today is is the first time I'm going to solo singing classes in two weeks. I really can't wait.

Maybe it's odd, but there are two activities in my life that make me feel as if all is well in the world. One is writing, the other is singing. I just adore both.

To me it feels vital to do things that I love as often as possible, because when I don't, my emotional condition definitely noses down. Because of that I revise every day. Yes, I know that that isn't exactly the spontaneous creation that comes with drafting, but Doorways is and always will be the WiP I adore. And I really want to finish it so that I can get it out there.

Just like I want to get my voice to the highest quality I can so that I can get myself out there too.

Do you also have a consuming passion like that? What is it?

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Cheyanne said...

Awesome on doing the solo singing classes!! I love singing too, but I'm no good at it so I must reserve my singing for being alone in the car only.

My passions are working out and writing. If I haven't worked up a sweat a in a few days, I start feeling like total crap.