Monday, October 5, 2015

Monday Musings

Sorry for not posting on Friday. It was a long day, which went largely wasted, but was still just completely exhausting.

In fact, I've spent a whole weekend and I'm still not feeling completely up to scratch. I've been productive, though. I've been writing (mostly because it gives me a positive outlet for some very negative feelings), but the truth is, I think the last quarter slump has hit me.

You know the one. Where things are going along just fine, but suddenly, just as the last quarter of the year arrives, you're exhausted.

For now, I'm trying to stave off the exhaustion as best I can. Heck knows that I have so much to do still. (Getting my blogs back on some sort of track is just one of them.)

But yeah, unfortunately, I'm just not in the head space to be profound today.

So instead, I want to know: How are you doing?


Annalisa Crawford said...

I'm feeling the slump too. The weather has suddenly turned dull and misty, which never bodes well for me. I feel I could happily just sit down and watch box-sets until March, in my PJs.

On the plus side, I'm having some serious inspiration for my latest project.

I hope you feel better soon.

Arlee Bird said...

I hope your week-end was better than mine, but it doesn't much sound like it. This week-end was one of my worst ever and the main thing that kept going through my mind was that life is too short to have wasted days like I've been going through.

Life is like that sometimes I guess. Let's hope we both have far more productive days ahead to make up for our losses.

Arlee Bird
A to Z Challenge Co-host
Tossing It Out

Stephanie Faris said...

Slumps come and go for me throughout the year...I think it gets worse as the end of the year draws near. There is just SO much to do and it seems like it will never get done. But somehow it does...which is a reminder that no matter what we go through in life, somehow we get through it to the other side.