Monday, March 30, 2015

My Progress for Quarter 1

Hey all! Tomorrow is the end of the first quarter of the year, so I thought I should look at the goals I'd set for 2015 and see how I'm doing so far. My comments are in blue.


I want to finish as many of the following as possible:

(For simplicity’s sake, I’m going to list my projects by the Acronyms I use for them, since that’s what I use on my year planners as well. Also, I haven’t gotten around to revealing some titles yet, and now seems like the wrong time.)


Currently busy with final proofreading and copy-edits. 

Currently busy with final proofreading and copy-edits.

Currently busy with penultimate round of copy-edits.

Rewrite complete. Awaiting revisions.

My Untethered Realms Anthology Short Story.
In for edits.

Publishing Edits (possibly for publishing in 2015):

Rewrite Prepped. Had to draft the whole thing again, which is why it's a bit behind. 

Rough draft in progress. 

Revisions and Rough Edits

Rewrite in progress. This is a bit ahead of schedule. 

Still awaiting rewrite. 


Postponed drafting this until next year, because editing Wo6C1 and 2 kept necessitating me re-drafting Wo6C3, which wasted time. 

Awaiting rewrite.

Rough draft complete, but I'm not happy with it, so I'm putting some thought into my concept and plot before drafting it again. 

Awaiting rewrite.

Rough Drafts (The ones I do by hand):






Haven't started with any of these yet. 


I want to read 75 books next year.
18 so far. 

The minimum amounts of which must consist of:

5 books or plays in a language other than English.
1 so far.

5 plays by Shakespeare
1 so far.

5 classics other than Shakespeare, of which one must be Chaucer.
2 so far. Neither Chaucer. 

5 non-fiction titles.
4 so far.

5 books by some of my blogging friends.
None yet. Siiiiigh. 

Social Media:

I seriously need to sort out my Social Media stuff. I haven’t been near active enough last year. What this entails, though, is something I still need to wrap my head around.

Mostly, I'm working on getting back to blogging regularly, visiting blogs and getting out and about on Wattpad. Taking little steps that add up to some sort of whole. 


Help my family build our own house. (Yep, brick by brick.)
This is side-lined for now, since we actually found another house to live in. 

Sort out some sort of business that I can do on my own terms. (SO over trusting people to help me when they only help themselves at my cost.)
Working on this. Time will tell what pans out, though. 

Seriously. I need to get back to singing.
Nothing on this front yet. Life's still a bit rough. 

Also, I really really want to paint this year. Other than the above-mentioned house’s walls.
Haven't started one yet, but am busy with some other crafty stuff. 

Then, I want to continue with my more healthy diet, since it makes me feel good and gives me a lot more energy. (Useful when I’ll be lugging lots of bricks around.)
Yeah this is a bit harder than I thought. Still trying, though. 

Last of all, and probably most importantly, I need to get past all the stuff that’s happened this year, so that I can get through 2015 with as little contamination as possible.
Working on this, but it's also pretty dang difficult. 

Overall: I think I'm pretty on track when it comes to writing, editing and reading. Social media's also coming along, but my life-goals need a bit more work. 

How are your goals coming along?


betty said...

Always good to list out your goals and your progress of them. Sounds like you are headed in the right direction with some and know what you need to do for others :)


A Beer For The Shower said...

I'm pretty blown away by this. Especially that you're building your own house (potentially). But also, that's a lot of WIPs, heavy emphasis on the 'progress'. Cheers to that!

Gail said...

You have an ambitious year ahead. Don't forget to sing.

Murees Dupé said...

You are doing well on reaching your goals. I wanted to eat healthier and become fit, but it is so hard. But I am trying. Have a great week.

Trisha F said...

My main achievement so far has been to actually read some books. At all.

So yeah, there's that. :P

LuAnn Braley said...

Wow. That's a lot of plates in the air. But it looks like you are making progress. My goals and progress are...*eh*

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hello greetings and good wishes.

To me it looks like you are as busy as an ant, no rest, no recreation, no relaxation but fully focused on the goals set for the year. With so many irons in the fire, your time must be flying without your knowledge. Suddenly you find you are at the fag end of the quarter.

However, it is a wonderful idea to take stock of the progress and try to make up for the lost ground in the next quarter. What you are doing is really fascinating

I have set goals to read,write and walk but I don't think I have made much progress. I have to check up what went wrong and take remedial measures.

Best wishes and all success.

Misha Gericke said...

Betty, I think so too. Checking on my progress is a sure way to make sure I'm always working towards SOMETHING!

Thanks, guys. Yeah I do lots of projects because I have this huge-ass 5 year goal that'll take various books if it's to stand a chance.

Gail, you're so right. Definitely not forgetting to sing. It's like something gnawing at me that I haven't started yet.

Murees, it is hard. But every day we make some sort of progress brings us closer to success.

Hahaha Trisha. Don't underestimate the value of having enough peace to read anything at all. ;-)

LuAnn, the way I see it, the only plates in the air are the ones I'm actually working on in any given month. Makes things less intimidating.

Hi Joseph! Welcome to my blog. :-) Honestly, it's not all work and no play. A lot of the goals I set (like painting and reading) are actually recreational, but I make them goals so I don't get so focused on work that I don't actually have any balance in my life.