Monday, March 11, 2013

Refocusing Priorities

Have you ever noticed how you can set some amazing and sensible goals, only to discover a few weeks down the line that you didn't do a thing toward them?

Happens to me with amazing frequency. Like my drafting goals. In January and February, I got almost no writing done.

Here's the thing, though, if you really care about getting your goals done, you can't just mope and give up.

You need to re-focus your priorities.

For me, this means doing the following:

1) Putting more focus back on my faith. There's a really good reason for this, but I'll do another post on it in the very near future.

2) Getting back into a regular writing schedule. Right now I'm trying to write a thousand words every day for the month. That way when I tone back down, I'll be more than able to write five days a week or something along those lines.

3) Finding sporting activities that intrigue me. This means I will definitely be going back to fencing. Then there's probably pilates or yoga and  maybe capoeira to strengthen my core.

4) Learning Languages. Main clients in my company are now French and Dutch, so that'll be the ones I focus on. I have until May to be conversant....

5) Finally, I'm making a concerted effort to deal with stress. It's just so much better for my stress. Amazing thing is that a few hours after I came to this decision, I was offered a chance to test a social network focusing on the so-called Psychology of Happiness, called Happify. Basically they give users a few short exercises to do every day, helping us focus on the positive and to escape stress. It also shares some really interesting stats on what makes people happy/stressed etc. Interested in checking it out? I've been given five invitations, so if you want to test drive this Happify thing too, please let me know in the comments and leave me an e-mail address.

Which goals do you think you need to refocus on? Want a Happify invite?


Julie Luek said...

Love this post and am so right there with you. My goal at the beginning of the year was to be more assertive in seeking writing opportunities, reduce the emphasis on blogging, FB, Twitter and other social media, write more, practice my mando, workout most days of the week, read, and reduce outside noise. I'm doing all right with most of them, but still spend way too much time on social media. Love your goals-- good luck with the languages!

randi lee said...

Great post. And I'm there with you, too! I've seriously lost focus in many aspects of my life over the past month and really need to get it together. You've inspired me to do so!

Annalisa Crawford said...

Fencing has always intrigued me, but I've never tried it. I think you've hit the nail on the head - goals are great, but only at the time you make them, you never know what's around the corner that might take priority!

The Desert Rocks said...

Every one should happify but sometimes reality can chase the happy thoughts away. Great post though. I hope all your dreams come true Misha.