Thursday, May 8, 2014

Day 7: Priorities

Sigh. Yesterday was a bit of a mess, blogging wise, so I thought I should at least put a bit of effort into today's update.

But sigh. I don't really want to because today is a week in and I'm feeling like I'm achieving nothing. Because for no reason whatsoever, I gained half a kg back from Tuesday.

Needless to say, this has me frustrated beyond measure. Right now, though, I'm sticking to my cut-out.

Why? Because I know that the weight will come off, and because I know that the weight is really a secondary consideration here.

Sure, losing weight is a great thing, and keeping track of it is the only real variable I have. But the truth is that right now my overall health is more important. And truth is that I have felt more stable, more energetic this past week than I have for months.

Will I feel like this forever with zero carbs in my diet? Probably not. But hopefully I'll be free enough from my cravings to re-introduce healthy carbs without over-eating them or without reaching for the bad stuff long before I start to feel bad. If not, I'll slowly add in healthy carbs, even though it'll slow my weight loss more. Because that would be the healthy thing to do, and therefore it's more important.

So no, I'm not starving myself of carbs forever. I'm merely breaking the chains they had over me before so that I can better control what and how much I consume in the future.

My weight, I'm sure, will follow suit regardless. But I think how well I cut off my cravings now will have an effect on how long the weight stays off.

For now, then, I will continue with my fast.

Weight: 102.3kg (225lb 8.5oz)
Total Lost: 3.4kg (7lb 7.9oz)
BMI: 35.4


Stephanie Faris said...

As a wise Weight Watchers group leader once said, "You aren't always in the here and now with your weight loss." Often water weight, time of the month, etc. can cause weight gain. I know I always put on a couple of pounds right before my period...and I always forget that's why it is! If you ate something really salty, you could be holding water weight that you'll see disappear in a day or so.

Murees Dupé said...

You are doing great. The fact that you are sticking to your plan is good and if you keep on going, i know you will succeed. Cheering for you.

Mike Keyton said...

I can't read this! I've not succeeded in losing the stone I put on in Hospital where the breakfasts, mid morning biscuit, two course dinner, mid afternoon biscuit, two course tea, and hot chocolate and biscuit before bed quickly became a pavlovian necessity when you were lying there with little else to do other than read and eat :)