Monday, May 25, 2015

A Preview of My Blanket

Hey all!

So Sandy insisted that I pack out the squares I've crocheted so people can get an idea of what it'll look like.

Here they are.

It's a bit monotonous still with too many pinks and oranges, but I still have MANY squares left to do. The idea is that I'm going to work the squares tightly together, so there won't really be a back-ground color.

This is how many I have done, but I want the blanket to touch the floor on both sides of the double bed.

I just really like the flower motif on them and interestingly enough, they're quite easy to make. And since I'm working along a vaguely autumn theme here, I get to go through quite a bit of left-over wool from my mother and grandmother's projects.

Thoughts? Color suggestions?


Annalisa Crawford said...

Looks fantastic... and also like a lot of work. I'd love to be have creative hobby, but I've never found anything that really appealed.

Murees Dupé said...

I actually like your colors. I know it is going to look beautiful once it's done.

Cat said...

I love the pattern and the "scrappy" feel. Good job so far. :-)

blogoratti said...

Those look so lovely, well done!

Sara C. Snider said...

I love the flower pattern on the squares! A lot cooler than the regular old granny square pattern I'm doing. :)

Tanya Miranda said...

I have an old, raggedy quilt made of small squares of different earthy shades with lines in each square alternately sown in horizontal and vertical patterns. I love little squares sown together. It's got so much depth. Your blanket is going to be wonderful. I already like the colors you picked. :-D

Misha Gericke said...

Annalisa, yeah it's nice to have a hobby like this, since it gives my hands something to do while the mind wanders.

Thanks Murees, Cat and Blogoratti!

Sara, I once wanted to do a poncho made with regular but colorful granny squares, but my mother (who knows these things) kept saying I don't have enough squares. Quite a few winters passed during which I worked on the squares. But as the fifth one was about to start, I said there MUST be enough squares. So my mother said I should unpack them. I had enough, not for a poncho, but close to two double bed blankets. I think I've been cured of ever crocheting just a plain granny square. ;-)

Tanya, that sounds like a beautiful quilt. I have to say, I'm looking forward to seeing my blanket done. :-)

Cathrina Constantine said...

Oh Wow! It'll be gorgeous!!!

Mike Keyton said...

Looks good, Misha, and I'm doin you a favour by making no suggestions :)

Jamie Burch said...

Oh, this is lovely already, Misha! The floral crochet pattern is gorgeous. Thank you so much for sharing! :)

Misha Gericke said...

Thanks, Cathrina. :-)

Hahaha Mike, maybe it's a hidden talent.

Thanks Jamie. I'm glad you like it.