Friday, February 22, 2013


Hey all! I finally finished editing the photos I took on my new camera.

I literally took hundreds of pics, so I didn't really know how to post some for you to view.

So... I decided to just show you some of Berlin's Highlights. In other words, places you should visit if you're in Berlin.

First, of course, would be to get a feel for where the Berlin Wall used to stand. This is one section surviving in what was supposed to be it's original form. Souvenir hunters steadily chipped away at it until it looks like this and a fence was put up. There's also a portion of the wall in another part of the city that serves as the world's largest open air art galleries. Sadly, though, I couldn't take a picture.

The famous check-point Charley. Definitely the one place I really regret not seeing more of. There's actually a museum and everything, but the tour bus didn't run long enough for me to come by again. 

St. Mary's Church. (With the hotel we stayed at in the background.) It's really beautiful inside and so serene. It also has one of the most beautiful organs I have ever seen. But although it's my mother's favorite church, now, mine would be this.

The Berliner Dom. It's a protestant cathedral. Beautiful on the outside, it's absolutely stunning inside. I'm thinking I'll do pics of inside for Monday, maybe? Along with St. Mary's. But to give you a taster, this is what the top of the dome looks like from inside:

Beautiful, isn't it? The whole church is filled with imagery and symbolism. Gold work and stained glass. I took about a quarter of my photos in there. 

The Reichstag. Another place I really wish I could have seen more of. You can actually go into the glass dome on the roof. We want to Charlottenburg Palace instead. Now that, I don't regret for a moment. 

The best part for the trigger happy photographer in me, though, was this: 

In case you're wondering, the photo is of a monument to the reunification of Berlin. 

Snow on Alexanderplatz, just as I'm leaving the hotel for the underground station. BTW, Alexanderplatz is a shopper's dream. 

Okay I'm stopping here for today, so the post doesn't run on forever. Who wants to see more pics, though? 


R. Mac Wheeler said...

i'm in line for more pix :O)

David said...

Great pics, Misha.

Annalisa Crawford said...

Fantastic pictures. The Berlin Wall is certainly a reality check, isn't it?

Cherie Reich said...

Wow! Beautiful pictures! The Berliner Dom is so beautiful.

Al said...

Love the piccies, more would be good