Friday, November 23, 2012

A brief look into my mind at the moment.

Sorry for being so quiet. Just in a deeply contemplative mood as I'm winding up my year.

Yeah... can't even really write about it yet, because all my thoughts are running together and splintering in completely random ways.

No idea why. Maybe it's just the fact that it's Friday? And that I spent the past few days creating a calculator for air freights. If that sounds simple, I have three words for you. Compound. IF. Functions.

Still, now I have the calculator working like it's supposed to, so I'll never have to calculate air freight by hand. If you're thinking I'm wasting time, I don't think you ever tried to ship bulk by air. It's a pain in the ass to work out how much it costs.

So at least now, I just have to plug some numbers into a few blocks.

Singing-wise, I'm looking forward to the final practice on Tuesday. Who knows? Maybe the annoying church soprano's will push me far enough for me to give them a little dose of perspective. I only got to that point last week already.

Church service-wise, I now stopped the smallgroup I had until the new year, when I'll decide if I'll continue or not. Reasons for this are many, but mainly, I'm getting a lot of guests in December, and there's this one person who literally had 4 people saying that they won't return if she does. And honestly, I'm tired.

Oh yeah, speaking of which. If you're really really exhausted, but your B vits and iron looks normal, you might to check out your magnesium levels. Low magnesium is at the heart of many issues. Including sleep problems. Insomnia is listed often. I get night terrors. Until the night before last, I've woken up at least once every night, terrified, for the past three weeks.

It literally got to a point where I burst out crying about nothing. As in. Nothing. No one said anything. Nothing happened. I just suddenly started and couldn't stop. Why? I was exhausted. Things are starting to get better, though. Which is great.

And on top of that, I want to instate some health goals for next week. I've been wanting to exercise for weeks now, but never felt up to it. This needs to stop. So I'll be spending this weekend thinking about them and sharing them with you tomorrow.

But yeah. That's my life at this stage. What's going on in yours? Who's finished their Christmas shopping? (I haven't even started.)


Peaches Ledwidge said...

I'm on your side with exercising.

Mike Keyton said...

Shopping - not started : )

Ref everything else, Misha - take a break, put goals to one side before mind and body take unilateral action. Stress is bad. Long walks, sleep and good food, nothing else. When boredom becomes unbearable you know you're ready for the fight again

The Desert Rocks said...

Good reminder to keep taking my B vitamins and I hope that magnesium does the trick for you. We have rattling ground around here that wakes me quite often, (earthquakes) and then there's the big bear who snores. :) Hope you have a wonderful holiday Misha!