Monday, August 5, 2013

Stretching My Wings

For those of you wondering about the photos, I'll have them up on Wednesday. The reason why this isn't done is explained below. 

See, I've been feeling stuck in a rut lately. It's been incredibly frustrating, and my one release, writing, felt on the verge of burning out on me. 

So. Now I'm back to that old method I have for sprucing up my life. I'm learning something new. Usually, I'd flee to the oil paints and canvas, but I might move soon. Which meant I needed to pick up something cleaner to do. 

An that, to me, is needle point. At the moment, I'm sewing a tapestry like a fiend. And on Wednesday, I'm taking lessons in quilting. The former is super comforting because it's lots and lots of repetitive motion. The latter is something I've always wanted to learn how to do properly. 

So yeah, I'm adding to my artistic repetoire. Which is great, but it takes time. Which is why I'm very close to bed time with very little time left to write. Also why I haven't searched out the photos I wanted to post again. 

I promise I'll be better about it by Wednesday! 

Have you ever picked up an interesting craft in order to escape from your life's stresses? 


Annalisa Crawford said...

That sounds cool. I'm rubbish at anything creative. Have fun with the quilting.

Geoff Maritz said...

Hey Misha.
My little sister has started doing crochet work. She's still learning to make squares and use different stitches but yes, she's escaping.
I think I'm in need of a new escape too.
Lots of blessings for you from Johannesburg, Geoff.

Julie Luek said...

Oh good for you for finding ways to feed your creativity. I really believe that's important and need to be better about not putting all my creativity eggs in the writing basket. You are inspiring me!

The Desert Rocks said...

Yes but I get kind of compulsive. For example crocheting became a gift for everyone, dresses, hats, scarves etc. Crazy. Good thing I didn't do this with cupcakes.