Monday, June 24, 2013

Pictures are Forthcoming

I really wanted to write something with a bit more substance today, but for some reason, I'm just not able to corral my thoughts into enough order to manage.

Probably because I really want to write. Odd, yes, but that's me. When I want to start writing, my mind becomes a huge mess until I get a few words down and my thoughts fall back into some sort of pattern.

So yeah. No serious post from me today. Just a promise that I WILL be putting up some photos of my Europe trip. Things are finally settled down enough for me to download and edit my pics. So hopefully I'll have them done this week. At the latest on Friday.

Otherwise, that's it for me.

Do any of your hobbies/passions turn your thoughts into spaghetti?


Julie Luek said...

I have children. Nuff said. ;)

Rob-bear said...

Not into spaghetti. Sometimes my writing can drive me crazy, especially when I've been promised pay. Then I make a diagram of the story (a bunch of interconnected bubbles), and follow the thread.

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Mike Keyton said...

When I have more than three or projects on the go I freeze in decision and then get suckered into the least demanding rather than the most important.

randi lee said...

Blogging, funny enough. After thinking up posts my mind is always mush for a good day!